Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Dirty Job: A Novel

by Christopher Moore
I finally finished A Dirty Job: A Novel today. It's not that it was a long read - I think I started it on Thursday. It's just that it's been sitting on my book self for a while. I was saving it, because I'd loved Christopher Moore's other books so much and wanted to really savour this one as well.
It did not disappoint.
Christopher Moore has this incredible ability to be completely irreverant and entertaining while still being intelligent. He's funny without being gross. Clever without being obscure. And humane without being sentimental. And his characters - be they uber beta males like Charlie Asher or Luminatus wunderkinds like his daughter Sophie - are quirky and believable.
I'm not a horror/fantasy kind of girl. So it continually surprises me how much I enjoy Christopher Moore's books. But I do. I really really do.

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