Thursday, July 30, 2009

Living Strong

I was looking yesterday for a calorie tracker that I could embed in this blog, and instead came across a site that I believe will become one of the ey supports in my structure for fulfillment: Lance Armstrong's

I have found keeping a food journal and getting related to the reality of what I'm eating really helpful in the past - how can you know what to change if you don't know what's so? But this site goes far beyond just counting calories, fat, sugar & protein.

There are dares (fun!). There's community using forums, blogs, notes and social networking. There are video and articles (many of which make me think there really is a demand for talented writers out there!).

It's been fun, and interesting, and helpful, to see what I really eat (especially in the world of sugars!) and to see how much room there is to feed myself well and how even a little bit of exercise will make a difference.

Wanna see what I've been doing? You can check it out here:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Discover and Support What BB1 Wants

My lovely oldest son is at a key transition. He's 19, working, living at home, and wondering what's next. He may know what he wants, but I'm not really clear. And since I don't know what he's creating I am not sure how to support him.

So, here's how I'm going to get clear:
  • spend one-on-one time and ASK Josh what he wants

Really, I can't be sure what actions there are beyond that, so I'm going to have to start there and see what develops. :)

Love the One I'm With

I created exactly what I wanted inside the Fall 2008 Introduction Leaders Program: A relationship unlike anything I've ever experienced before. Cowboy is loving, generous, fun, funny, open, communicative and adventurous. And then sometimes I forget that he's everything I said I wanted and then some.

Some actions that will keep the spark alive:
  • use my committed listener to clear when I'm on it
  • let Cowboy know every day what he means to me
  • listen to Cowboy about what matters TO HIM, not what I want for us
  • create a family weekend get-away
  • surprise Cowboy with an get-away adventure for 2

Return to Teaching

I used to teach Academic Writing and Business Communications at Camosun College and Royal Roads University. I miss teaching. It's a true self-expression for me, and it is only a bit of past that has kept me out of the classroom. I'm committed to getting back in there!

The journey to the front of the class includes:
  • cleaning up with the Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences at Camosun
  • cleaning up with the FoM Communication coordinator @ RRU
  • calling the Chair of English at Camosun
  • researching various appropriate courses (e.g. Adult Ed, Continuing Ed)
  • develop SCW Ink courses to offer via community organizations

Double SCW Ink Income

I have my own business providing business communication consulting to other small businesses and community organizations. While it's going well, I'd like to grow it to the point that it becomes a reliable source of half of my income. Doubling the current monthly income would mean making $1200 in September.

How will I do that?
  • phone all current & past clients and see what I can do for them now
  • research additional grant options for current clients
  • follow up on writing article ideas from friends
  • attend business networking events 1x/month
  • develop my LinkedIn account
  • research available government contracts

BB2 Finds a Job

My son is committed to finding a part-time job, and I'm committed to be in action supporting him.

Actions to take include:
  • spread the word that he's looking to people I know
  • help him keep his resume up-to-date
  • print impeccable copies of his resume as requested
  • drive him to the places he'd like to apply to
  • be the co-pilot - back off and let it be his journey that I just help him navigate

Lose 37 Pounds

I currently weight 217 pounds. *GULP* I can't believe I wrote that in a public forum. But I currently weight 217 pounds. On my way to ultimately weighing 180 pounds, I will reach 200 by September 19.

Possible actions include
  • exercising 30 min. every day
  • exercising 45 min. 4x/week
  • doing a cleanse to invigorate my digestion
  • eating at least 5 servings of fruit & vegetables/day
  • maintaining a food diary
  • trying a new sport/activity weekly
  • eat a maximum of one sugary snack/treat per day
  • call my committed listener when I feel stuck
  • include 2 servings of belly-flattening foods/day
  • update sister each week on our co-challenge

Living a Life I Love

*NOTE: September 8, 2009* I've just imported this and about 17 other posts from an older blog that was private - basically I wanted a support system for creating the things I really want in my life. Only only letting a few people know what I wanted didn't work. So here they are, in all their glory, edited to reflect what I REALLY want.*

This blog is my way of sharing about my promises to myself on the journey of creating a life I love. There are specific things I am committed to creating in my own life, and I'll be tracking my progress towards those goals here.

The basic element of a structure for fulfillment is really a journey: I am at A and want to get to B. The structure outlines the various ways in which I can get from A to B. You know you have a great structure for fulfillment when it is fun & inspiring & when you can see multiple avenues that would have you get where you want to go. So where do I want to go?
  • Lose 37 pounds
  • Support BB2 in getting a job
  • Double SCW Ink income
  • Return to teaching
  • Be lit up about my relationship (a.k.a. Love the one I'm with)
  • Discover & support whatever BB1 wants
  • Publish one item every month
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