Friday, July 20, 2018


I had a conversation today that was beautiful and bittersweet, honest and forgiving, brave and tender, and in which I was lovingly reminded that the real me shines and sparkles and is a light.

It broke me all over again. In the best way - in the Leonard Cohen way. And it reminded me of this song that I just heard on Wednesday. 

 Sometimes what isn't everything is also enough.

When you were young
Where did you hide
When the ghosts under your bed made you cry?
Just yesterday
Where did you run
Did you lose your way before the day’d begun?

You were lonely for a while
Did you find your mother’s smile
And did it shine on
Shine on

Where did you think
You’d be by now
Did it look like somewhere else someway, somehow?
When you drove away
Was there a sound
A simple melody that turned it all around?

And the moment you were gone
Did you hear your favourite song
And did it shine on
Shine on

Sometimes it hides
In the hardest times
A most beautiful blessing in disguise

Even on the darkest days
There’s a spark to light the way
And let it shine on
Shine on

Appears on ‘So Let’s Go
By Alan Doyle
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