Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BB2 Finds a Job

My son is committed to finding a part-time job, and I'm committed to be in action supporting him.

Actions to take include:
  • spread the word that he's looking to people I know
  • help him keep his resume up-to-date
  • print impeccable copies of his resume as requested
  • drive him to the places he'd like to apply to
  • be the co-pilot - back off and let it be his journey that I just help him navigate


  1. How old is he and what are his talents?

  2. Thanks for asking, Dar.

    Nathan is 17, completed grade 11 and heading unto grade 12.

    He's extremely bright and great at problem solving, particularly with taking things apart and putting them back together.

    He's looking for something fairly manual/mechanical and has focused so far on automotive places, though he also loves books and history and would enjoy working in a book store or library.


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