Thursday, September 17, 2009

Olivia Joules And The Over Active Imagination

by Helen Fielding
Ah, the first book of the year. And what a fun book it was -- Helen Fielding's new heroine isn't nearly as likeable or relateable as Bridget Jones, but she's still a laugh and a sigh. Think the Shopaholic takes on MI6 and bin Laden, all while wearing a Gucci pashmina (that's SO, like, 5 minutes ago).
It's unfortunate that Fielding can't decide if she loves or hates American culture, as her wit deserves more free reign in the satirical look at Hollywood, but overall the book was great. Makes me want to lose weight, become a journalist, learn to dive, and hide a micro-camera in my bra.
And, it's the first time since Life of Pi that I have literally stayed up until I finished the book. Too bad I wasn't clever enough to wait for the weekend!

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