Thursday, September 17, 2009

Separation Anxiety

by Karen Brichoux
My last book of 2005 was a good one, though hit a little close to home and made for a couple nights of odd dreams. I hadn't heard of the author (Karen Brichoux) before, but the premise was promising -- Heroine Wichita (that's Wa-cheet-ah, for those of us not in the know) has the standard issue dysfunctional family, as does her lifelong best friend Jonah. And in order to save herself from a fate worse than happiness, she decides she has to "break-up" with said best friend.
Tension, tears, teenage pregnancy, etc. ensue. I can't say more as I think you should all go read this book. It's charming and surprising and ordinarily unique. Plus, the hero and heroine are starving art historian/creative writing types. They need our support!
It all just goes to show that my mom was right (shhhhh don't tell her!) on her two favourite points of advice:
1. To have a friend you have to be a friend.
2. Don't go looking for someone to meet; you'll be happiest falling in love with a good friend.

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