Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vernon God Little

by Dbc Pierre
I am not always certain of my book choices, except for those that have one the Man Booker Prize. Until this one. Vernon God Little kept me reading, but I honestly can't say I enjoyed it. Until the end.
Vernon Gregory Little is an everyday average teenager -- of the type that innundates my life. He's a little twisted, a little angry, a little confused, and basically loving. And his mom is the same.
But I hated the school shooting background plot. It was disturbing. Manipulative. And opportunistic. Why didn't he just freaking write about planes crashing into big buildings?
And then the book took a turn and ended well and I loved it and praised the Man-Booker selection committee and I miss Vernon and want to go to Mexico.
How's THAT for a book review?

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