Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Suck

by Christopher Moore
Usually when I say LOL it's a lie and I really just mean I'm mildly amused. Not so with our oh-so-uber-hip vampire friends and their consorts. Christopher Moore is fricking hilarious! Clever. Witty. With it. And that the story is set in San Francisco and I could actualy recognize certain settings (like the Starbucks at Moscone Centre) just made it all the more fun.
Moore could have just written a cute story. Or he could have just been clever and hip. Or he could have created yet another social realism novel with great characters. But he take the cute and the clever and the hip characters and makes them all totally engaging. Even the blue hooker named Blue!
Christopher Moore is the new Tom Robbins. But without the annoying anti-Catholic obsession. And with teeth.

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