Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, BB

Twenty-years ago today I met the most amazing person. He was beautiful from the first moment - peaceful and happy and perfect. And, having met him, my life would never be the same.

Perfect turned to funny. Adorable. Exploring. Adored. No to mention friendly and charming and lovable. He could walk. Then run. Then climb trees.

BB has a smile that lights the world, a too-rare and precious laugh that makes me cry. And a generous hug that makes everything alright. He's kind, gentle, wise and an unbelievably fierce warrior. He's creative and inventive. He's an artist, a boarder, a philosopher and a lover of original Nintendo. And he's perfect - first and always perfect.

Today my BB is 20. He's not a BB anymore. He's a man, one I am unspeakably proud to know, whose wisdom and generosity and humour make me wish I could be more like him. And one who I hope I had some part in the goodness of. Happiest of birthdays, BB. Thank you for being my son.

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