Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not quite what I expected ...

I just wandered down a Google-led rabbit hole, and stumbled upon this interesting, quick 'life assessment' program called Clean Sweep. It's 100 True/False questions divided into the 4 major life areas of Physical Environment, Well-Being, Money & Relationships. The premise is that you check off the statements that are currently true for you, then go to work on the ones that aren't currently true for you, and come back regularly to re-assess until you get a 100 score, or a "clean sweep."

Now, I have a pretty good life. I'm aware of that. And I'm also aware that I've been tolerating some areas of life that really aren't working for me. In fact, just last evening my good friend had me promise to make a list (of all the things I said I'd do, or intended to do, but haven't done), check it twice, add in dates by when I'd do things and send it to him. And with that promise running in the back of my head, I thought I'd check out this Clean Sweep test.

I expected that I'd have quite strong scores in all areas except Money/Career. Quelle Surprise! Not so much! In fact, my current results were

Physical Environment - 6/25
Well-Being - 7/25
Money - 6/25
Relationships - 12/25

Wow. I'm actually kind of shocked. Not bad shocked, just 'I never would have guessed' shocked. And, I'm kinda inspired. The statements are all really straight-forward, which makes it easy to see what there is to do.

I guess the proof of the pudding will be in whether I actually do them or not. Anybody out there willing to take the test and share their results as well?

Oh, and it makes me smile that my Relationships score is double the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure that having a life full of loving people is what makes it seem like the other areas are more handled than they are. XO

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  1. Huh, this was a little surprising:
    Physical Environment - 16/25
    Well-being - 19-25
    Money - 13/25
    Relationships - 14/25

    Guess I'm doing okay, though I didn't really like how I had to answer some of the relationship ones - seems I could be taking better care of myself....


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