Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things I ♥ Thursdays

It's time once again for Things I ♥ Thursdays. And as I tossed and turned last night, I realised that above all "things" I love the people in my life. In additional to the usual players (the BBs, MTW (and DTW while we're at it), Shiney Shan, DivaMo) there are some you may not know about ...

People like Miss Lady, who went through hell and then some this year and is always graceful, generous and calls it like she sees it about my oh so much smaller upsets. She's stylish, sassy, real, and loving. And also has a wicked way with birthday presents. :)

And The Boss Man, who has the MOST impeccable timing at knowing when to call, when to listen, and when to say "my turn." He listens to me as though anything I say to him may be gold for his life, and calls me to rise to the occassion and give him my best.

Last night in bed there were many more, but they seem to have faded in the light of day. Let's just agree that if your intention has ever been to make a difference with me, you are being thanked here. I love that my life is full of people who love and support me, and who go about their lives making a difference for themselves and other. So, more than anything I'm grateful for you all.

And, I also had a wonderful reminder this morning (iTunes on random is so inspiring sometimes) how much I ♥ Canadian music. The opening chords of almost any Great Big Sea song make me feel like I've come home. I spend a lot of time listening to other stuff and feeling like something is missing. And then The Barenaked Ladies' (WHO ARE COMING SOON TO VICTORIA!!!) "Some Fantastic" starts and a smile spreads across my face. Or Wide Mouth Mason riff between "Sugarcane" and Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and I know that's what an already perfect song was meant to be married to.

We don't have a culture of extreme self-promotion in Canada (though we are getting over that, for better or for worse), but I'd say there is little more worth listening to Canadian music of all genres. Real, homegrown, professional, soulful, amazing Canadian music. We've a stunning history of it (Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and ...), a growing present (Sarah MacLachlan, and Dianna Krall, and The Stills and Arcade Fire and ...), and with any luck *and an arts-positive change in government* a promising future.

So, a challenge and a request on this loving Thursday:

1. If there is someone in your life who may not know how important they are to you, let them know NOW.

2. Get to know your Canadian musician and the Canadian music scene. Give a listen. Talk. Share. Diva Mo might even let you take her to dinner (or, you can catch her this weekend in Prince George - brr!).


  1. What a lovely way to leave for a holiday, full of love for all things at home (I hope you don't get homesick).

  2. Thanks Shan...have a splendid time.....
    Diva Moe


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