Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey hey hey

I had another 'never thought I'd get to' weekend this weekend. Last month it was the attending a once-in-a-lifetime Olympic medals ceremony. And this weekend it was sitting in a room full of smiling, laughing, happy people listen to the one-and-only Bill Cosby tell stories for an hour and a half.

My cheeks hurt from smiling. My soul bro's ribs hurt from laughing.

From the moment Mr. Cosby took the stage I was grinning like a school girl on her first field trip, on the edge of my seat, clasping my hand over my mouth to muffle my guffaws. Without a curse word or a suggestive line or an off-colour remark he had the whole 1500 person audience engaged and entertained.

No gimmicks - just a genuinely funny man, a comfy chair (at least I assume it was comfy), a side table with a water bottle and glass on it, and a sweatshirt that read "Hello Friend" in big colourful letters draped over the back of the chair.

I didn't want to blink in case I missed something. I had an honest worry that

It was a pretty special opportunity. Thanks, bro.


  1. I remember seeing him eons ago when he was at the Grandstand at the Saskatoon Exhibition. I remember this bit he did about clean underwear. I still chuckle about it from time to time when I remember it.

    The "Hello Friend" thing is actually about a memorial to his son.


  2. Oh cool - thanks, David. I read the review in the Times-Colonist this week and it sounded like the reviewer had gone to a different show. Very odd.

    I had the weird feeling like I 'knew' Bill Cosby when he came on stage. Like he should say hi and give me a hug. Not a response I generally have with celebrities.


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