Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is not what I came here to write ...

... but I haven't any idea what I did sit down to tell you.

Just time/space for a micro-blog today. In fact, I didn’t ‘get-around to’ writing or doing yoga yesterday after posting on Thursday that I love doing what I say I’m going to do. In fact, I love the results of doing what I say I’m going to do more than the actual doing. Oh yes, I can justify it by saying that I wrote twice on Thursday – once developing an article and again on my blog post. Or I can attone for it by writing 1600 words today. But, really, my commitment isn’t to produce 16800 words in 21 days but to write daily in order to develop the things that daily writing provides – time management, keeping focused on those things I’m committed to, and exercising my mental and creative muscles by using them daily.

So I missed a day of the 21.5.800 challenge. I think it would also work for me to do yoga/savasana daily – perhaps I’ll remember to write if I remember to rest/stretch/focus?

I am, so far, enjoying the variety of writing that I’ve been taking on. Blog posts, yes, but also a partial magazine article, and a themed journal tracking my process in a year-long project. Fun stuff. And variety really makes coming up with the target word count a lot easier. If I was just blogging 800 words a day, I’m pretty sure nobody would be reading it after a week. Besides, I’m wondering what there is to do to make my blog less about my internal machinations and more about life and the wonder it contains. It’s so self-indulgent most of the time, and I know that’s not necessarily what I enjoy in the blogs I read regularly.

I’ll continue to think about it. Knowing me though, I wouldn’t expect a sudden shift anytime soon.

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