Monday, August 9, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

I am sitting on my living room floor on a somewhat itchy hand-knotted Moroccan wool rug. I'm in my oldest, most comfortable, yet somehow still flattering nightgown. I have my laptop in (where else) my lap. iTunes is playing new music - songs I've never yet heard (I can practically feel the new neural pathways forming. Did you know new music does that?). I'm eating air-popped popcorn - moderately buttered, and lightly salted. I'm slowly sipping an ice-cold vodka, club soda and lemon juice. The bunny hops by, sometimes tickling my toes. Sometimes just announcing his movements with the clattering of his claws on the laminate floors (he misses BB2 and makes due with my limited company. I miss BB2 and make due with the nose tickles of the bunny).

And life is perfect.

I have remembered, tonight, certain dreams. Dreams that are more than just nebulous embroyonic thoughts  drifting in my mental amniotic fluids. Dreams that had/have pathways meandering through them. Dreams that connect and diverge and morph and grow. Dreams that are scalable, replicatable, and monetizable. Dreams that have domain names and toddling business plans. Dreams that in fact are not dreams at all but that are projects and promises ... one might even call them 'evil plans' if one wasn't more interested in creating goodness.

They got put aside, boxed up and stuffed in a corner to make room for moving, for boys in and out of living rooms, for exciting new jobs with steep learning curves, for exciting new friends with curves of their own. He'll remind me, sometimes, this new friend, that the world is waiting. 'Everyone should have a plan B,' he says. And I, wordy girl that I am, know that I could have a whole alphabet frieze of a plan book, and that all the letters could play together in sesquipedalian splendour.

I worked a couple extra hours today. I went straight on to a 3 hour seminar. And I am right now completely awake and alive and eager to create.

Even wordy creative girls need their sleep though. So that they have all the more energy to create again tomorrow. And so, with Angry Alligators and Zany Zebras dancing through my dreamscape, I sleep to plan another day.


  1. This is the blog I want my blog to smell like.

    Here are two tickets to that thing you like.

  2. The tickets are now diamonds!


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