Saturday, September 25, 2010

When You're Right You're Right.

I had a surprise house guest this week - someone who for 12 years has known, loved, cajoled, supported, and calmed me. I don't really even have a 'category' for who he is - family of choice is the best I can think of.

Anyway, among other encouraging, wonderful things Glassboat had to say, "I swear I've never seen you this small!" was the most repeated. I argued with him of course. I know I've lost weight. I'm doing quite well at it, without really feeling like it's a big effort or like I've ever been deprived of what I want. I'm feeling better about things corporeal. But, I also know that I've weighed less, that my stomach has been firmer, and - my piece de resistance - that the Calvin Klein jeans with the button fly in my closet, the ones I bought in triumph in 1999 when I was at my goal weight, the ones that have moved with me 4 times in hopes that someday they could be re-worn, aren't even close to fitting me.

The last time he said "You really are smaller than ever." I said, I can't be, there's no way those skinny jeans fit and I wore them constantly in Prince George. I can tell just looking at them they dont' fit. He just said, "I bet they do." And we dropped it.  

So this morning I tried them on - now that he's gone and I can be right in private. I thought, what's the worst that can happen? I already KNOW they don't fit, so I can't really be that disappointed. And, maybe they are closer to fitting than I think. 

I dug them out from the 'seasonal' stack, where they rest beneath a couple hoodies I've inherited from my BBs and a pair of apres-ski fleece pants I have in case I ever ski again. They are lighter coloured than I thought. With a definite 1999 waistline and unshapely straight legs. I'd also forgotten that somewhere along the way I'd worn out a knee and patched it with black fleece. Yowsa - I think I even taught in these! They are definitely not wearable, even if they did fit. And, unlike every piece of denim I've bought in the past 5 years, they have no stretch. Not even a smidge of give.

But still, there's no harm in trying, right? And, I have the great motivation of proving Glassboat wrong (because doesn't everyone want their compliments discredited?). One leg in, and they felt okay. A woman can actually tell one leg in if it's worth keeping going or not with jeans. A second leg, past the formerly troublesome thighs. Still going. Oh my gosh, the button fly was always so hard before. But ugg that high waist is snug and unforgiving (and horribly unflattering! Hello, soccer mom! BLECH!)

Yep. They fit. They do not flatter, but they fit. In fact, they are loose! in the butt and thighs. Much less so in the waist, though there's no unsightly pulling at the button fly. But I could definitely sit and stand and walk and 'wear' them (with the appropriate tummy hiding top).

Often in life it's hard to be wrong. This time I couldn't be happier. :) I'm sure that when I tell Glassboat he'll be happy to repay me with a grinning 'told ya so.'


  1. Congratulations in fitting in your "skinny" jeans -- now go buy yourself some new ones that are not circa 1999 ;)


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