Monday, November 22, 2010

How To Rock a Snow Day, and in the Process Fall in Love

  1. Preempt the snow day by getting an infection and creating a sick day. Go back to sleep.
  2. Wake up only when darned good and ready. Listen to the wind howl for a while from the warm nest of your bed.
  3. Have a long, hot vanilla-spice scented bath. While you're there, finish a novel you've been reading forever. Frequently add more hot water.
  4. Create an urban-bunny snow warren: weather-proof an open-ended box by putting it in a garbage bag and lining it with a towel you never intend to dry human skin again; place beside his outside pen; shelter the whole thing with a bath mat. Spend a moment being glad you're not the rabbit.
  5. Bundle up (long wool coat, fleecy snow boots, mitts, scarf) and sally forth into the world. Trudge through snow, uphill both ways to drop-in and get a prescription from the doc. Since you're now only a block from Home Depot, pop in and buy stuff to weather-proof your very drafty bedroom window. Find and drink something hot and steamy (and preferrably spicy)
  6. Buy a really cute hat and prove to your BBs that you are so a hat person.
  7. Have a conversation or two with people you love and adore and who love and adore you right back.
  8. Stock up on victuals - you never know how long this weather might last!
  9. Flirt with and be flirted with by the charming pharmacist you didn't know worked just a block away. Decide you have a new favourite pharmacy.
  10. Bring bunny in early to thaw out. Replace his ice with liquid water.
  11. Fall in love with your city, your life, and yourself all over again.
  12. Turn off all electronics, open a bottle of pinot grigio & cuddle up with a steaming bowl of chicken veggie tikka masala and a steaming TV of Mad Men.

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