Saturday, December 18, 2010

Q - Quiet

It's a little bit ironic that today's theme is quiet when I've just come home from singing the roof off of a magnificent concert hall with the 70+ other voices of the Victoria Soul Gospel Choir. And it's even more ironic given that singing like I did tonight is absolutely one of the number 1 ways that I experience being fully free and self-expressed.

And yet, I love quiet. I love sitting by the ocean and watching the light dance. I love wandering a forest and hearing the trees sigh. I love being in my home with the television and the stereo off and nothing but the white noise of the outside world seeping through my windows for company.

Even when I'm in company, I often prefer the quiet - to sit back and observe the interactions around me. Or to sit in comfortable silence with someone when no words need to be said is a special form of luxury. Sometimes people seem to think that there's something wrong with my occasional hush ... maybe they just don't know about the contentedness that accompanies quiet.

Tonight I sang. Loud and free. And I loved it. But I also crave a quiet day to be with my thoughts, to scavenge the forest for the last Christmas decorations, and to write my Christmas cards to the people I know and love without distraction.

1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, the restorative space of quiet. Today I begged off going to our neighbour's open house so I could just enjoy an hour of peace and quiet before we head off for dinner with the in-laws and then my seminar group tonight. One hour - reading blogs, drinking a latte and just being still. Ahhh, it's about as good as it gets!


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