Sunday, December 19, 2010

S - Social

We had 'Q is for Quiet' on a day full of people and music and joyful expression, so why not have 'S is for Social' when I was blessed to spend the entire day with just BB1. What bliss! He had come to town for my choir concert on Friday, and stayed an extra day just so he'd have time to spend with me and his friends. ♥

And now it's evening. My home has the quiet hum of any electrically-run establishment, and I am reflecting on the wonderful weekend I just had. If quiet contemplation is a part of Christmas, how much more true is that of being social - spending time with family and friends who we may not see often enough through the year. Perhaps it's in balancing the two that we remember Christmas.  

This weekend I got to have it all - singing with my 70 choir mates to 820 family, friends and strangers. An afternoon exploring and shopping with my parents. An evening of sequins and satin and sparkles and dancing with 100+ friends and acquaintances and friends of friends and acquaintances of acquaintances. And spending today with BB1, recovering from our social Saturdays, wandering, cleaning, visiting, drinking hot drinks that were too hot, and just being together. 

With my halls decked, a relatively quiet week ahead, and the warm memory of dancing with some of my favourite people last night fresh in my head, I can say I'm finally feeling the full on festive spirit. And I am very much looking forward to more social time right through until New Years Eve. 

Those of us at the Gala last night may have had fancier outfits than these kids, but I think we matched them in freedom, joy and connecting in a group - the more the merrier is really very true.

I'm sorry the video is not better quality video. By the way, I kinda dance like the little girl with the thin hair and the pink dress (she's a twin) - and I always end up with a sore neck. HA!

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