Sunday, August 7, 2011


Swingy dress for dancing in his arms = $30
Sexy shiny heels so I smile right into his eyes = $20
Singing along together at Naturally 7 & Michael Bublé concert = $178
Celebrating 6 months with STG ... you know. :)
I think we might be the cutest couple ever!

I hate to succumb to a terrible cliché, but last night was incredible for so many reasons. STG and I have been excited about the Michael Bublé & Naturally 7 concert ever since it was first announced a few months ago. The tickets have been safely displayed on my dresser mirror since June 18. We sometimes wonder what, beyond loving each other, we have in common, and music is one of those things we share. 

There has been a day or two when I thought we might not make it there - to the six month mark, or the concert, at least not as a couple. So to finally be there, having first shared a lovely dinner, and listening to two of our favourite acts was ... well I don't really have the words for something that feels so special and so natural at the same time - other than priceless. And that all encapsulates what loving STG is for me- special, natural, priceless. And last night was that to a whole new level. 

Every day with STG is easy. And this night - full of romance and great music - had me glowing from the moment we left for dinner. The undeniable highlight for me was this amazingly romantic song borrowed from Van Morrison - incredible to begin with, but heart-achingly poignant when experienced with STG's beautiful baritone softly singing along in my ear, his arms wrapped around me as we sway to the music. Life just doesn't get any better. 

Thank you, STG for six amazing months, and for one amazing night. And just remember, "I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I get!" and that's really saying something, because what I get is soooooooooo good! 

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  1. My heart is full, Shannon.♥ It makes this Mama happy! :D bobbi♪


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