Monday, April 23, 2012

30 days of shhhh

In response to both a full weekend of off-line-ness and the continuing pondering on the '30 Day Challenge' I've just had the first idea that actually excites me - Do Nothing. Okay, it's a little deeper than that. More along the lines of 'be still' and continuing the theme of being 'quiet' that so often is what I'm forced to when I neglect it for too long and then all systems over-load. 

For my first 30 Day Challenge I'm going to take on meditating for 10 minutes each day. What I love about the concept of meditating, as I interpret it, is that it's flexible yet requires a certain devotion to the task at hand. I could sit and meditate. I could walk or bike and meditate. I could pray silently or out loud or merely reflect on a word or a thought. I could not, however, carry on a conversation, watch TV, be online, or read a book. For 10 minutes a day I will be quiet and reflective and alone with myself and my thoughts. Not in a particular pose or place, but in a particular peacefulness. When I can I will practice savasana and lay - ideally in the sunshine - on my yoga mat with my eyes closed. When that's not possible. I will sit quietly - inside or out. And I will practice shutting my mind up. 

That I'm undertaking this just as STG and I are about to move in together, and that there is much to do and to talk about and a lot of hub-bub going on in life is both perfect and possibly setting myself up for failure. I choose to think of it as perfect - what better time to take one tiny part of a day to be quiet and reflective? 

Within 30 days, I could actually develop some muscle with this. Who would have thought I could be this excited about being quiet!


  1. Great idea! Making quiet time is a great goal; doing so through meditation and/or prayer is good for your soul, too!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. I really enjoyed the quiet of being offline this weekend. I think if I can do a little of that every day it will help with a whole lot of 'stuff' :)

  2. I always go back to -
    "Be still.... and KNOW that I am God".

    Therein lies the peace.


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