Saturday, September 1, 2012

back to school

Every September I write about how every September still feels to me like a restart. This September is no different. After a three-week blog hiatus, I am back only with the caveat that today I am also beginning, at long long last, Julia Cameron's The Artists Way and that will take precedence for the next 12 weeks. I intend, for once, to do it as designed, so we'll see how that works out. 

And, STG and I are, also at long long last, starting a regular yoga practice - both classes and at home practice. We both want to work on our physical fitness, but also reduce our stress, calm & connect our minds & bodies, and expand the realm of 'intimacy' by sharing more experiences and interests. I'm excited to be starting anew with yoga. I got a lot out of my brief hot yoga experience, but think something less ... intense ... will be sustainable in the long term. 

And, I'm really interested in taking a personal interest course of some kind. I'm not sure what - maybe a language. Maybe another creative course like painting or drawing or ... I don't know. Maybe piano lessons. I was leaning towards Spanish, but also don't want to take on too much at once, and have other plans for the money (like any number of trips) so that's up in the air. But it's there ... calling to me. 

And, it's time once again to get a little more serious about eating better. About moving more. About stopping the middle-age spread that just keeps on spreading. I am less and less satisfied with my body of late. Not as angry/sad about it as I was, just unsatisfied. All of which takes more time than grabbing whatever food falls out of the cupboard and into my mouth, and more time than sitting on the couch in a very forgiving (and very unflattering) bath robe. 

So back to school. Back to learning and growth and life and the end of entropy. Back to giving a damn. It's time. 

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