Saturday, November 24, 2012


The light burned my retinas even with the curtains drawn and my eyes squeezed tight. Had I slept past noon? Had I slept until spring? Yes, I'd read late into the night and, when I finally closed the book, slept deeply and soundly. But, what could explain this burning light?

It is November. In fact, nearly the end of November, and today is a beautiful sunny day. I walked out the door at noon with only a fleece jacket on. After a week of dodging puddles and downpours, the sun already feels foreign.

The grey can be so all encompassing around here that a rare sunny fall day feels as fragile as a soap bubble and just as fascinating. Even as I write this the clouds are creeping across the sky. The light is burning lower now than it did when I woke up.

Perhaps I need some black out curtains. Perhaps I need to dance in the sun. 

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