Sunday, December 2, 2012

breathe again

Back in the studio. Back to the purple mat, the short shorts, the racer back tank, and the chance to breathe again. It has been far too long since my last yoga class, and it’s especially special to be there with STG. Yoga for 2. Separate in our practices, but together in our goals.

I miss yoga when I’m too long between visits to the studio. Yes, it’s possible to practice it at home, but in the studio, under the tender guidance of the teacher, I expand. My breath is slower and deeper, my spine straighter, my life simpler.

There’s no lulugirl inside me waiting to burst out. Just an aging mom with an aging body and an ancient practice that meets me where I am and guides me in the way I want to go ... and sharing the class with STG reminds me that wherever I'm going, we're going together. 

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