Saturday, December 29, 2012


Sometimes, once in a very long while, you meet someone with whom it is perfectly safe, and even preferable, to be fully yourself. With that rare, precious person, you learn what love and acceptance truly mean. You learn to be there for someone because of their unwavering ability to be there for you. Their friendship makes who you are perfect, and yet models for you to be someone better.

I cannot see the word ‘friend’ without thinking of Shiney. Of course, anyone who has been here before probably knows that, for me, ‘friend’ and ‘Shiney’ are synonymous. What we lack in time together, we make up for in love, acceptance, encouragement and ‘any time.’

There’s a touchstone for me and other people who battle depression – what would your best friend say about you right now? I’m grateful that the answer is always one that pulls me forward. And I’m especially grateful that we got some quality time together in 2012.

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