Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Oh irony, you are a clever clever trickster. Yesterday I was in a pretty good mood and the prompt was misfortune. Today's prompt is 'smile' and I am trying to view my laptop monitor through the flashing swirling aura of an impending migraine. It's coming on, and it's coming fast, if the dance of lights in front of me is any indication, and it usually is.

But, I said I’d blog every day for 100 days. I said, at least to myself, that I’d be unreasonable about it; as in, I would ignore any excuse or reason that might keep me from blogging. And, while I can only see clearly out of the outer edges of my sight, well, at least I can see that, right?

I am, oddly, smiling to myself as I play with editing, and trying to re-read writing I cannot see. I have to hold my head sideways and use my peripheral vision. It’s kooky. The squiggling red lines seem alive on the page. It’s like this – tape two kaleidoscopes in front of your face and then try to type.

Which makes me think. If I can blog – just because I said I would – even when I can’t really see the screen, what’s to keep me from smiling just because I said I would. Or doing anything else I say matters? Hmmm ... that’s one to ponder, right after I find my migraine medicine.

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