Wednesday, January 23, 2013

do not disturb

It’s an important thing to remember, in this year of having more life, to now and then unplug. Last weekend was a great reminder of that – girl time, spa time, reading late at night time, sleeping in time, hanging out in pyjamas time. I literally put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the hotel room door – just because I could.

Sometimes, I also have to remember to set up an energetic ‘do not disturb’ sign. It’s too easy to meander down the rabbit hole and deplete myself of time and energy on blog a, blog b, pinterest, facebook, twitter, and whatever the next thing is (knitting sites, it would seem). Once this blog commitment is complete, I will be unplugging one day a week – tv too, just to find out – what happens in life when I take a moment to sit back and unfurl.


  1. I am only now getting back into having internet time again after almost eight months of tweeting but not being consistent about much else. It sucks because I used to think as Twitter as supplemental to the writing, not the other way around. It's not like I was doing good mentally healthy girl-timey stuff for most of it, either. 2012 ate my Do Not Disturb sign.

    I've been doing better this year. I actually--this is embarrassing--plotted in some internet time and shutdown time on gCal, and there IS space for everything I want to do, even finally getting back in to commenting (as you can see). Somehow I convinced myself there wasn't and so kind of gave up on even trying.

    1. Sometimes space for everything needs to include space to heal, space for the margins to regrow, space to find the solidity of your feet underneath you.

      I am so glad we've connected. Your comments make me feel like ... there is some point in trying.


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