Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The butter sizzles hot and nutty in the skillet. Soft bread browns slowly, as white and orange cheeses soften, meld, flow onto the pan, and harden to perfection in a golden aura. It’s only a grilled cheese sandwich, and it is so so much more. It is childhood in my hand. It is comfort and satisfaction. It is perfect.

You know why they say “The greatest thing since sliced bread”? Because sliced bread is FRICKING AWESOME. Only when you’re a celiac, sometimes sliced bread isn’t that great. Sometimes sliced bread that I eat is grainy or crumbly or dry or all of the above.

But when you get just the right amount of butter. When you layer the cheese just so. When you heat them patiently together as the tomato soup simmers. When the bread is fresh and light. That is more than a sandwich. That is a celebration.

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