Saturday, February 16, 2013


It’s a little bit funny when the prompts turn up at exactly the right time to tell you about what’s on in my life. Such is the case with today’s prompt “space.” This morning BB2 and I hopped in the car, headed up-island, and are now snuggly ensconced in our own little cabin at Beach Acres resort in Parksville.

We’ve explored Parksville, enjoyed lunch at my favourite cafe, shopped for replacement swimsuits (DOH!), played a game of pool, enjoyed a drink in a very charming British-style pub, and are now all set for steaks, fries, and movie night.

We abound in space. The space of our very sweet cabin, but also the space – that is, the freedom – to roam when we need to. The space that has both STG and Mastercard say “enjoy! Have a great time.” The space of knowing what is needed when. The space for each other to relax, work together, work things out as they come.

I hope everybody reading this has such space.


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