Wednesday, March 6, 2013

tuesdays with morrie: review

There's a world of difference between 'the meaning of life' and 'a meaningful life.' The former supposedly can be found by visiting gurus in their distant hermitage. The latter can be found in the simple, accessible, compassionate lessons in this small book by Mitch Albom.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to read Tuesdays with Morrie. It wasn't lack of interest; it was more lack of access. I don't have a particular system for choosing what I read. When I finish a book, I tend to start next on whatever is to hand.

But this time was different. After three very lightweight very escapist novels, I wanted something different, and this little book fairly glowed on the shelf. Yes, it was little. And yes, it was a very fast read. But it was also very soul-satisfying.

It's an amazing gift for a book to teach courage, honesty, humility and vulnerability, yet this book accomplishes that and so much more. I wrote the following thank you note in the midst of reading the book to someone I wanted to make sure was thanked just because - not in a time of crisis, but in a time of gratitude:
Anyway, at the end he asks, have you ever really had a teacher? Someone who saw the rare & previous gem you were & helped polish you to s proud glow? I'm paraphrasing, but ... 
For me, you are that voice that reminds me that I'm more than I ever knew I could be. You taught me to be more human, more vulnerable, more open. You still teach me - when I'm lost I often think what you would say to me to put things in perspective.
I should  probably also thank Mitch Albom for writing this gift of a book. 


  1. Ahh yes, one of my favorites. I read this before I saw the movie of course, because everyone knows the books is always better. I'm glad you finally read it, it does something for the soul doesn't it?

    1. I don't think I even knew there was a movie - interesting. It certainly was like soul comfort food for me - something I'm sure I'll go back to when I need.

  2. I listened to the author read this several years ago.

    One of the segments I recall clearly is when the author asks Morrie-- "what would you right now if you could?" And Morrie answers simply, "Dance."


  3. In this modern lifestyle of hustle and bustle, Tuesdays With Morrie teaches how to live a meaningful life. Marriage, relationships, money, children, gratitude, society, etc.
    A self-help book teaching you how lead a peaceful life by devoting time for your family, community and self. The lessons are taught through the professor Morrie, who in his last days on the bed, instead of spending time only for himself, takes the effort in time for others and works with the author for his last thesis. One of the lines by Morrie, "If you are trying to show off to the people on top, forget it, they will look down on you anyhow. If you are trying to show off to the people at the bottom, forget it, they will envy you anyhow. Only an open heart will float you among everyone."


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