Monday, July 15, 2013

things I learned riding my bike to work today

Today was my first time riding my bike to work. It's part of my summer fitness program I outlined over on The Mountain Bike Life (and that I've honestly been hit or miss about ... I'm drinking a g&soda as I write this).

Here's my favourite thing about riding my bike today, besides not being stuck in my car; along the way, I had a total of 73 minutes to think about life, love, and bicycles. Here are some of those thoughts:
  • I am the only one on my bike. Other people have different bodies, different bikes, different histories, and different lives. They may be bigger, faster, smaller, slower. They may have less stress. It doesn't matter. I am the only one on my bike
  • Sometimes I will be the slowest person on the trail. Sometimes EVERYONE (yes, even the very large woman in the dress slacks, cardigan, and work shoes) will pass me. Sometimes I will catch up to them at the light, only to be left behind again. But I am the only one on my bike. 
  • If I quit now, this is as good as it gets
  • Water is like my helmet - I need it on EVERY ride
  • I can follow the map or ignore the map; I'm still going to have to climb some hills at some point
  • When I get to work, I'll still be me - the pretty wicker basked needs to include makeup and jewelry, not just a change of clothes
  • Look around, smile and enjoy the ride
  • Roads with the word 'rise,' 'summit.' or 'heights' in the name are not the roads for me
  • I am, at different times, a driver, a cyclist, or a pedestrian; try not to be too hard on the other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians
  • This might not be my best bike ride ever, but I'm on the bike, so it's still a win

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