Thursday, December 4, 2014

do you hear?

Reverb Day 5: What is the sound of your own voice?

I like talking. One on one, To a crowded room. From a podium. To another face resting beside mine on the pillow. I also like singing. In the shower, In church. On a stage before hundreds. With my sisters. To my sons when they would let me. To a lover if he'll let me. 

What I don't like is listening to my own voice. People tell me I'm a compelling speaker, a pleasant singer, but I don't hear it. Sometimes when I'm otherwise occupied and have an idea about a story or a blog post I will record that thought as a voice memo. and invariably when I listen to it later it makes me cringe - I sound whiney and somehow fake. When I used to sing publicly I would record rehearsals for reference when I practiced at home. I could rarely listen to the playback. 

The same holds true with the small voice inside my head, which is sometimes not that small - sometimes it booms. It can yell, whisper, sing, and state unequivocally, but without an audience and agreement, I find it so hard to listen to. I hear it. I know it's a fine voice. I just have trouble listening to it. 

So, I though I'd do something a little crazy here and post the only recording I have of me singing. It just happens to be "Do You Hear What I Hear?" - oh irony, you are so fun. I'm singing alto (although I'm a soprano) - and I start with the first verse - and my friend Esa is singing tenor (although she's an alto) - maybe you can pick it out, maybe not - it's okay. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the 'sound of your voice' for today's reverb14 prompt! I can relate to not enjoying hearing my voice when played back to me, but I don't think anyone ever enjoys hearing their voice recorded and played back...and we never seem to enjoy the little voice in our head either but maybe if we start listening to it and allow it so speak, it might become a welcome and melodious sound we can trust?

  2. Love that you shared you performance! I've been seeing more of that this #reverb -- songs, photos, art -- and I love it. There are so many ways to reflect and manifest for the new year.

    1. The singer in me has been quiet for a couple years and is yearning to get back out. I guess this was one way of asserting her right to be heard.:)

  3. You are an amazing singer! And you're gorgeous too. x


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