Sunday, September 13, 2009


So, after just 2 days, the 14 day "I'm Hot" Bikram Yoga challenge has hit a snag. I carefully checked the Bikram Saanich schedule; planned my weekend around it; enrolled BB2 & his mifole in coming with me tonight; packed 6 towels (2 each), 3 waterbottles, and some change just in case; headed out in plenty of time to get good spots since it's free weekend at the studio; and arrived only to be told "oh, we decided to cancel the last class today."

Several WTFs later, we piled mat, towels, bags & teens back in the car and headed to the downtown studio just in case they had a 7:30 or 7:45 class. No such luck.

We're back home. And I'm truly disappointed. It had been an up and down day already, and I was looking forward to sweating out some of the upset and going to bed physically drained and mentally clear.

I know that the integrity of my challenge still exists, since I did everything I knew to do to keep my commitment. But I'm still disappointed. I was really looking forward to saying I'd gone every day for 14 days, and now I'm going to restart.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what you want or what you're committed to ... it just doesn't go that way. And that thought just about makes me cry.

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  1. Hang in there - you'll be able to sit in those nasty ass sweat pools before you know it!


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