Friday, September 11, 2009

The "I'm Hot Challenge" Kick off.

Okay, it's not exactly a kick off in the way that, say, an Olympic opening ceremonies is a kick off, or a store grand opening with LOW LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICES is a kick off. But, I figured I'd make Day 1 of my 14-day yoga challenge sound like a celebration rather than like the 'oh man, why did I say I'd do this?' morning that it I feel.


I'm in my stretchy short shorts. Which are not ideal apparel for someone with 31 pounds to lose. And a t-shirt. I know I should be in some sort of tanky crop top, but let's not get crazy ... maybe in another 20 pounds. And once I have my scars & stretch marks magically reduced. Oh, and I didn't shave my legs. (Isn't THAT a pretty picture?) I am what I am. But not what I'm going to be.

Oh, speaking of pretty pictures, I took several before photos this morning. Full body self portraits are not my specialty, but they do the job. And I certainly wasn't going to wake BB1 up so he could help me with that.

TheMommy gave me her spare yoga mat sometime ago ... like, maybe 6 months ago. And I've just now removed the plastic wrapping. So I guess I can't stall any longer. Towel - check. Mat - check. Water bottle - check. I'm off on my new adventure!


I meant to write this right after class, but BB2 was waiting for quality mom/son time, so I had a little time to let things brew. During class I was a wreck. This isn't ACTUALLY my first time at Bikram yoga - I went sporadicallly throughout 2008 (like maybe all of 10 times). But it's been a while, a while during which I've thoroughlyl neglected my body, failing to supply it with adequate nutrition or rest. Which is to say, class was REALLY REALLY hard, I had to sit through several poses, I was nauseated & dizzy more than once, and I thought it was a REALLY bad idea to be there, let alone to say I'll come back.

And then it was over. And I was surprised how quickly it was over. And I felt elated, not that it was over but because I felt like I was IN my body for the first time in months. I was flushed, tired, and exhilarated all at the same time. I felt like I'd spend 90 minutes taking care of myself, which is more time than I spend in the average month. And I couldn't wait to get back tomorrow morning. Oh, and I was CRAVING good-for-me food on the way home! How weird is that? Who craves pears?

Since that initial post-yogic bliss, I've continued to be grateful to myself for sticking it out this morning when I wanted to leave the room 20 minutes in. And for being gentle yet strong when my body was telling me to. My neck is a little stiff, but that's nothing that a quiet night at home won't

No, I'm not going to post these massive missives every day of the 14-day challenge. But I might send a little flare up now and then, maybe the day that I complete every pose. Or the day I can lock my knees out or the day my fingers are under my heels for Uttanasana. Until then, namaste. :)

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