Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slaying the swimsuit dragon

Never in my life have I looked forward to wearing a swimsuit. NEVER. I've been 40 pounds lighter than I am now (and 30 pounds heavier, but let's not think about that), and even at my thinnest I was awkward and self-conscious and a swimsuit was just something I had to wear to do one of the things I love to do most - play in the water.

I would buy a new suit when I absolutely had too - when chlorine had eaten away essential bits, or when the lycra to girth ratio was over-extended, or when I arrived at my summer holiday destination only to find I'd forgotten to pack the dreaded garb. In fact, the last suit I bought was in 2000 at a sports store in Jasper, with the BBs anxiously awaiting so we could head to our resort pool, and then up to Miette hot springs. And, as always, I bought something utilitarian - something I could do water sports in without thinking too much about the over all look.

Ever since Cowboy surprised me with our impending trip to Mexico, I've had one nagging, inescapable thought (as previously posted) - I need a new swimsuit, and I want to look and feel AMAZING wearing it. I've looked online and off. I've done research about the best suits for my size, shape and age. I've planned and schemed and dreamt, but never really believed one suit could do everything I want and need it to do.

And yesterday, with my always super supportive (and cash ready) knight-in-shining-denim Cowboy and the undauntable page/customer service specialist at Beachrags, I sallied forth into the change room, armed with 6 suits all had-picked to lift, tuck, cinch, highlight and generally make the most of my assets and the least of my deficits. The first suit was it. A magic moment. Excalibur in lycra. I wanted to walk out of the store in it. To throw on a floppy hat and langorously extend my hand for a fresh martini. I felt long and strong (svelte ansd sexy even, thanks Coach!) and glamorous and secure and WONDERFUL. In the spirit of due diligence I tried on the other 5 suits (that's hard work!), but nothing else even came close. In fact, of the 5 others, I only showed Cowboy 1, and he was pretty clear it didn't even come close.

It's quite the breakthrough for me. I cant WAIT to wear it.

I was going to try to find a picture of the suit online, but then I decided that you can all wait and see a picture of me in all my glory, lounging in a beach-side chaise in Puerto Vallarta.

6 sleeps!


  1. I can't wait to see it - and you - poolside!

  2. It's pretty old-school movie star glamourous. I'm LOVING it.

  3. Okay, I want one of those. I'm feeling like I could use some help! I'm glad you found such perfection.

  4. I don't know mom - you look pretty great! But I'm more than happy to share the love of lycra next time you're here. The gals at Beachrags are fantastic! :)

  5. Love it - a super supportive suit to go with your super supportive fellow :p
    Good stuff.


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