Friday, February 12, 2010

How do you say "Overdue" in Spanish?

I had promised last week that I would update about Mexico, and tripping, and life and TI♥T, and then life lifed some more and I didn't want my come-back post to be whiney, so I didn't post. And then I cleared some grey skies (I'm powerful like that) and woke up this morning thinking about ALL the various things I have to post. So here we go ...

Mexico was fantastic. We sunned and snorkeled and whale watched. We took 4X4s high in the Sierra Madres and tour buses through lava fields and past agave farms. We drank tequila and spoke Spanglish and made friends. We had 30 degree sunshine and 13 degrees with rain. And a tropical storm that may have been a cyclone and the tore apart trees and shanties. And we took pictures - 500 pictures between the two of us, the best of which you can view here (or in my albums if you are my friend on Facebook - ha).

There's something that happens when you travel with someone and the busy-ness and distractions of every day life are stripped away. There's an opportunity and a risk in it, and we're still working through what we saw. But either way, the trip was wild and wonderful.

And now I'm home. And there's updates to get on with. :)

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