Monday, March 29, 2010

Somethings are harder to hear than to say

I have been accused of late of not being able to take a compliment or acknowledgement and of not really experiencing how much people love me. Or at least of not letting said compliment/acknowledgement sink in. And I'm starting to realise, I'm not the only one with this problem.

Some things can be hard to say - I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me - because we look don't want to look bad, and have no idea how lovely those words are to the hearer.

But some things, apparently, are even harder to hear - You make a difference for me. I love you. You're beautiful. I miss you.

We tend to focus on the things we consider hard to say because that fear is all about us. And, at least for me, I didn't even notice the things that are hard to hear until someone pointed out that I don't hear them.

But holy cow it gets tiring to have to keep saying it. I know I've made it hard work in the past for people to love, acknowledge and compliment me. And apparently pay back is truly a bitch.

How many times do you say "I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me. I love you." before you walk away?


  1. Seventy times seven, I guess...

  2. Oh, I was hoping that only applied to "I forgive you" ... well, guess I have a ways to go then. Three clearly isn't the end of the rope. :)

  3. I'm learning to say it and I'm learning to hear it. Good post!

  4. Well, in that case I guess I'll keep saying it. :) You make a difference for me and my sons. I love you. I'm sorry. I was selfish and wrong.


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