Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things I ♥ Thursdays: Spring Edition

It is officially Spring. And while it has felt like Spring around here for a while, what with the cherry blossoms being out in time for Valentine's Day, and the camelias beaming happily under vibrant foliage, there's a certain something about it being REALLY Spring that makes things new, interesting, and exciting.The light is spreading - inside and out. I ♥ Spring! I also love,

Serendipity - the word rolls of your tongue. It feels delicious when you say it. And the phenomenon feels as natural and delicious as the word sounds. It's practically an onomatopeia. Serendipity. Magical me-too! moments to savour.

Red wine - I used to avoid red wine, and generaly if I'm just sitting and having a glass I still prefer a nice fruity white. But there's something real and vivacious about a good glass of red wine that nothing else replicates. It's  grown up and sophisticated with a splash of daring. How else can you get daring, vivacity and sophistication in a glass?

Hot pink - not much more I can say about that. But you should see the fun shades my closet is turning! Peep toe pumps. Sheath dresses. Playful, girly me-wear.

Gardening - I know that much of the time I act like I was born for the city. But the farm girl in me still loves getting her hands dirty (and I LOVE the smell of hay - fresh cut or in a barn full of well dried bales). Actually, "still" isn't quite accurate. Gardening was a chore when I was a kid forced to garden in zone 8 only to be rewarded with turnips. But now that I have such a little space, and live in a climate where anything rewards my efforts quickly and generously, I wish for more. I long for a veggie patch with some garden peas climbing a net trellis, sweet tender carrots pulled from the soil and rinsed in the hose, herbs so fragrant that brushing against them fills the space with perfume. I spent Tuesday afternoon tidying my flower bed, planting new bulbs, digging and moving and smelling the earth. And just those few hours left me refreshed and renewed.

Hiking - I know some people will find this shocking, but I really do love putting the computer away and getting out into the wilds. Especially when the wilds include great friends, frolicking dogs, and vistas of the most beautiful spots on earth. Little Miss Sunshine, her canine companions and I meandered over both Mount Doug and Mount Tolmie this week. Can't wait to tackle some bigger hills once I can do so without losing my ability to talk at the same time. Because what is hiking with friends if we can't talk about it?

Happy Spring.

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  1. Hey Girly! Join this with me:

    You can buy shares, someone else does the "gardening" and you are rewarded with the fruit of their labours!


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