Saturday, August 7, 2010

TI♥S: Sean & Xiole

So it's Saturday, not Thursday, and I'm finally writing about what I love. I thought about writing on Thursday. I meant to write. I made notes about what I 'should' and could write about. But there was nothing new. Things have been a little tense of late; I have a few different things I'm managing & dealing with & concerned about, and it felt like work to come up with something I ♥ besides what I've already recently blogged about: my BBs, my new work, writing.

But tonight I'm clear - I love love. Witnessing it. Sharing in it. Standing for it. And in particular, I love the celebration of Sean and Xiole's love that I was blessed to attend this evening. It was fun. And authentic. And uniquely Sean and Xiole. In a yard full of apples, and pears, and tents, and flowers, and brimming with cupcakes and champagne and Celtic music, their friends, and families and "exes who have become friends and family" bore witness to a beginning that I hope will never end.

Xiole made her own lovely, unique, one-of-a-kind satin and lace gown, and wore it with army boots against the muck of our only wet day in weeks. A true Texan, she sang to her new husband a fine Texan serenade: "Love at the Five and Dime." And Sean watched and smiled and was moved to tears. They danced, and poured their guests champagne while checking in with us. And were fully themselves together.

Sometimes I can be a bit cynical about love (yes, I realise anybody who has read more than one post on here is pretty clear about my cynicism about love). But today my friend Sean married the love of his life. And seeing them together tonight, sharing that celebration with us all, I realised ... I want to sing to someone and have him be moved to tears. I want to be with someone whose face lights up when he talks about me, whether I'm in ear shot or not.

I also got to catch up tonight with my newly-wed friends Mr. & Mrs. F. To hear how married life is going for them. And to get some insights from Mr. F. on love, relationships, marriage, and keeping things in perspective. I have to say, I think that Mr. F. is a pretty clever guy.

Sometimes I go to a wedding and it's all about the clothes, or the spectacle, or the gluten-free cupcakes (a trend of which I highly approve, by the way). But so far this year I am 2 for 2 in attending weddings that re-teach me about love, and friendship, and commitment. And that is something for which I will always be grateful.

Blessings to Sean and Xiole. And thank you again for sharing your day with me.

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