Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More on Love. Say it fast ;-)

I was grabbed once again, today, by a Gaping Void work. I'm not sure how I missed this when it came out in Hugh's newsletter - perhaps I wasn't so engrossed at the time in philosophizing on love, culture and what it all does and doesn't mean. Perhaps I wasn't so consumed with trying to figure it/myself out.

For whatever reason, I overlooked this lovely, breezy eureka of a print when it was sent out, only to experience one of those brief, rare, incalculable moments when I saw it today: a moment that was simultaneously a sigh and a smile of recognition.
I love the lightness of this cartoon - the grey and blue. The space to fly. And I love the optimism of the phrase, the prayer-like clarion call with a slight suggestion of urgency to act.

And, since I'm reminded at work every day that "Love is the Bottom Line," living consistent with acts of love seems to just make sense.

It's hard to remember that in amongst all the reading and talking and cogitating, the most important part of living from love is to act. My mind need not agree - I can simply act. And fly.

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