Friday, August 27, 2010

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

I just had a TERRIBLE thought. Mostly just terrible in that it is, at this point in my life, completely inconceivable.

There was a twinge of the thought (one I QUICKLY surpressed) strolling by this spot this afternoon:

And then checking out Terrible Truffles website just now I stumbled innocently on a decidely not truffle-related page, and the thought caught me completely unawares and knocked me into blogging mode. As though it actually had some sort of force of its own!

Some stupid, untamed, short-memoried part of me actually WANTS to be married again.

At this point I'm going to assume that in actual fact some stupid, untamed, short-memoried part of me actually  just wants a pretty dress and some fondant icing.

Because, as the bumper sticker says, 'Don't believe everything you think!"

Damn it.


  1. "Some stupid, untamed, short-memoried part of me actually WANTS to be married again."
    Okay, like it or hate it, this is my opinion:
    Do not ever let yourself lose the openness to believe that YOU ARE WORTH the most amazing man in the world who would demonstrate the fullness of commitment, compassion, love and tenderness, trust and a sense of being amazed that he is so lucky to have YOU love him. THEN you may actually understand why you might still want the dress, the fondant AND the man.

  2. Well, since I clearly don't know your history at all... it is possible that you could get married again. And have the whole shebang.

    Or maybe you just want the party. So just throw yourself a party.

  3. Someday, Shelley and Cristina, I'm going to prove you both right.



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