Friday, December 3, 2010

C - Creative

Strolling to work this morning I was pondering what to write about that fits with the themes of creativity and advent. I wrote just recently about the creative spark, about starting with nothing and bringing into existence something.  Yes, there are certain aspects of Christmas that are inherently creative - finding a present that reminds you of a loved one. Making gifts and treats. Matching the perfect ribbon to the ideal paper to create an object that shows your love. Christmas oozes creativity, but in this year of change it also requires some fresh approaches.

At lunch today I was talking with a co-worker about the Christmas traditions she's building with her children, and I told her about the traditions the BBs and I have enjoyed. And I thought about how different it is this year. They aren't here. And it seems really pointless to do all the things we've always done by myself. It's a little sad, except that what they are doing so well.

So, how does a recently mostly-empty-nester sustain traditions? It'll be a little trickier since BB1 is not even in town, but BB2 is here. And he asked just a week or two about about the advent calendar we've had since he was 5.

No, I don't have two little boys clamouring down the stairs in the morning to fight over the chocolates shoved in the pockets, but I do have one big boy wondering what the plan is. So this year the advent calendar has only one chocolate in each pocket, and it's hanging on his apartment door waiting for him to come home tonight. And when BB1 tells me which tradition matters most to him, we'll make sure that happens when he comes to visit. Or ... maybe we'll start some new traditions. Because a new tradition is a true test of creativity.

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