Thursday, December 2, 2010

B - Balanced

There's a reason that I have 20 blog posts about being inter-connected, 88 book reviews, and only 8 posts on balance - it's just not an aspect of life with which I feel overly familiar. Unlike abundance though, I'm less likely to complain about balance missing from my day to day experience.

Take today for example. A rather extreme and unusual example, but salient to this discussion.

Today I got up an hour and a half earlier than I normally do. Last night I had stayed up late completing my notes for a speaking engagement at 7:30 and I needed to stop by the office to print them out. I then proceeded to said speaking engagement/breakfast before heading in to the office for a regular day. After work I went first to the Chamber of Commerce CEO Holiday Reception and then to SALTS' Christmas Party before going to an evening seminar (not work related). There was no time for breaks between points A, B, C and D, but there was food at the Chamber reception and SALTS. I got home at 9:50 and am now blogging before I head to bed at my regular time.  

On paper it looks extreme. It could even be considered out of balance. Except, it just doesn't feel that way. I had time in my day to connect with friends over lunch. I met both work and personal commitments tonight. I took care of my own well-being by choosing carefully what to eat at the parties.

Sometimes I think we think balance has to be equal amounts of everything, and nothing to the extreme. But sometimes balance can just mean jumping straight in with both feet knowing that everything is taken care of. My body was nourished. I will get enough sleep tonight. I kept my word.

Maybe balance is a state of mind, not a state of schedule. I'm going to ponder that in my sleep.

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