Wednesday, December 8, 2010

h - healthy

Advent is not a time we often think about our health. The period between December 1 and New Year's Day, or if you are American between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, is one we salivate over all year. Parties and dinners and receptions. An over-indulgance here. An evening on the couch there. And rushing about, eating on the run, skipping sleep. None of this really adds up to the most wonderful time of the year being great for our bodies.

Except, this year I thought I'd do something a little differently. Since November 25th I have, with 3 delicious exceptions, only eaten fruit, vegetables and lean meat. It turns out that fruits, vegetables and lean meats include some of my favourite foods - roasted root vegetables, spaghetti dinner made with spaghetti squash, fruit smoothies, bison steak. Those who know me know that giving up dairy for a month (all of my exceptions have been dairy temptations I didn't resist) is even bigger than giving up sugar for a month. But when I look at what I am eating, it's hard to feel like I'm denying myself anything.

Ideally I'd like all this, and it really is quite a radical change for me (I've saved about a present's worth in on chocolate already - a bar a day at $1.50 to $3/bar = $22 - $45 dollars), to result in an instaneous flat stomach. But instead what is happening is a slow shift in my body. Not huge pounds dropped, but visible definition in my arms and legs. The reappearance of small bone structures that had gone missing (I keep playing with my collar bones - they're kind of cool) . Energy. Vitality. Steady emotions. Glowing skin. Restful sleep.

The idea was that, aside from Christmas Day when all bets are off, I would continue like this until New Years Eve. But I'm so enjoying the way I feel that I think I might just consider this a permanent change. It's been pretty easy. Yes, I will always love sweets. And L'homme can expect that I will beat him soundly in a nacho-off soon! But I've learned that I can do quite fine without the my supposed comfort foods, and the days of snack food comprising most of my meals are over.

Now if only I could convince myself to walk to work on rainy days!


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