Thursday, December 9, 2010

I - Interconnected

I'm missing some of my favourite people today. Well, two in particular - BB1 and Shiney. Life is really extra-ordinarily good right now, and I wish they were nearer by to share in it. We love the people we love all year round, but at Christmas time the yearning to connect with loved ones is even stronger.

While one aspect of modern life is that we move more often and further than previous generations tended to, we have, in fact, also designed some pretty great ways to stay connected. I know that Shiney is only a carefully timed phone call. In fact, having typed that I realised she is actually just a text away, so I sent her one. She's also just a facebook message or email or Christmas card away. And while none of those things are as good as tea and tears and laughter with my best friend, they are all part of the reality of being best friends who live mountain ranges apart.

I hope the people I love know I love them. And, I'm going to use whatever means of connection I have at my disposal to make sure that they do. Because, as my favourite Ghost of Christmas Present likes to say "You know wherever we find love, it feels like Christmas"

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