Sunday, December 12, 2010

L - Loved

After spending yesterday struggling with my post about being 'known' and trying to link it to Advent & Christmas, I thought that perhaps today would be an easy one. Christmas is to love as mint is to candy canes. There is simply no separating them, in my world. But the tag isn't 'love' the verb or the noun; it's 'loved' - the experience.

It's a quiet Sunday. A sleep in. Some light cleaning. A lot of Facebook. And, some of that light cleaning was on Facebook as I removed 75 connections. More importantly, I realized that in a list of more than 350 remaining connections - including family of varying degrees, new & old friends, co-workers past and present, one time lovers and professional connections, I am interested in hearing about each and every on, and I believe they are interested in hearing about/from me.

Yes, as Christmas and New Years Eve approach I do still have to constantly remind myself that it's okay that I'm single again. And to stop comparing it to a very different Christmas last year. And I'm getting ready to rock New Years Eve But even though I won't have an extra present under the tree this year, I am still very clear I'm loved. Gifts and stocking stuffers and treats aside, Christmas means family time, and nothing means love to me like quality time with my friends and family. We could skip everything else and just having my sons in the same place for 36 hours will be magical.

I am often lonely. And I am always loved.

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