Monday, December 13, 2010

M - Musical

Finally, an obvious connection: Me & Music & Christmas. Music has been a big part of my life for ... ever. Some of my favourite moments with my sisters were singing around our piano and in our church. Singing then was both a bonding thing in our family, and a way to explore, develop and express my faith. Singing has ultimately become one of the number one ways that I feel free and myself. I love music - not only creating it but also listening. It seems like whenever I am stuck for words or trapped in my head, there's a song available that says what I can't.

Yesterday I attended a Christmas concert with the City of Gardens Chorus - an all women acapella barbershop quartet style chorus. They were a bit blinged out for my taste, but the music was perfection. And when they sang Silent Night in 5 part harmony, I teared up. Silent Night for pete's sake! I've probably heard it 20 times already this season, and have sung it every week for the past eight at my own choir practices, but there they were - tears, sniffles. And I realised that what was buried beneath all my enjoyment of the night was the loneliness that's been an unusually constant companion lately.

I told DivaMoe about it last night and she set me to rights, "music is the sound of heaven ... and you've always been moved by music.... you were just at a 'quiet' spot where you could feel." She's a wise woman, that DivaMoe, and to be honest I kinda like that I'm someone who loves and is moved by music. And having so much great music flooding my life at this time of year is even better.

By the way - want to hear a little bit of my choir as we get ready for our Christmas concert this Friday? Check out this video on our website. If you like what you hear, tickets are still available. :)

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