Tuesday, December 14, 2010

N - Nourished

I kept wondering today how to differentiate N - Nourished from H - Healthy. And what I realised is that being healthy is something I do for myself, but that in large part being Nourished is something that my community provides for me. Both relate to my whole life being, but being nourished is in some ways more rewarding because it also reminds me of all the other things I am - loved, supported, encouraged, cared for.

And, since Christmas is the time when people we love come together in a feast of giving and connecting, it's the perfect time to feel and be nourished. And to nourish those we love.

From Miss Lady making the best Gluten Free Pizza in the world for me on Saturday, to two man friends coaching me on letting my guard down and letting love in, to CoachK giving me a loving reminder to take care of myself, to my choir cheering for me at rehearsal tonight I am as filled up in my heart and soul as I am satisfied with my cantaloupe and chef salad lunch.

Being nourished comes in many forms. And tonight I'm truly grateful for all of them.

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