Sunday, January 23, 2011

Speak No Evil

Glassboat has said to me, on more than one occasion of lamentation, that life would be easier for me if I didn't have such a big brain. He means it in the most loving 'look at reality' kind of way that's designed to pull me back from fighting imaginary dragons. And as wacky as it sounds, I often wonder if he's right to some degree. 

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I do have a relatively big (though perhaps not in evenly developed) brain. Unfortunately, I also have a relatively big mouth. And today I offended someone I like and respect. As a writer and communications professional I know and value the power of words; it disappoints me when I sling words about like they don't matter. It's immature and unthinking. 

A big brain and a big mouth can rarely be used in unison. And I really hope that in the future I'll use my brain  more and save my mouth for  saying what I really mean to say. Some people might think that sounds like censoring myself, and maybe it is to some degree. But at worst it's censoring a persona I could do without, not my real self - my real self doesn't insult people as a cheap and easy joke. 

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