Monday, January 10, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

As I've mentioned a few times now, I had intended to wrap up 2010 during my time off between Christmas and New Years, and there was just something I was hanging on to. This evening I did some organizing of my Facebook photo albums and I realized a little something - I had been looking at 2010 for all the blips and issues, but I had forgotten that for every downturn, there was at least one upturn. 

So here's to 2010 as seen through its highlights: 
  • January - my first tropical resort-style vacation, including side-by-side beachfront massages, and sailing with pirates on my birthday
  • February - attending an Olympic awards ceremony (& Great Big Sea dance party!) with 8 of my favourite people 
  • March - A weekend in Seattle - oh how I love that town!
  • April - An Easter road trip to Tofino ... it's been far too long since I walked that beach & smelled that air
  • May - (I honestly can't think of a good thing that happened in May. That's okay though; there are 11 other months)
  • June - my first new home in 7 years. I had never lived anywhere as long as I lived in that townhouse, and it was well past time to move on
  • July - You say dream job, I say YES PLEASE!! 
  • August - Art shows, beach picnics, companionship, laughter
  • September - GLASSBOAT! Nothing like a surprise visit from one of your favourite people to really make a month
  • October - Calgary may not be my number 1 destination choice, but I sure love getting to see Freckles and my cousins
  • November - Escaping to Vancouver to visit dear friends and sweet family
  • December - Christmas full of family love, and a New Years full of incredible romance and luxury
Yes, there were struggles. Relationships that ended or that failed to begin. And health scares. BB issues. And through it all there were amazing people old and new, and learning to put the mask on me first, and losing 28 pounds and a foot of hair, and making money and exploring and adventuring and learning. 2010 definitely had more packed into it than the average year, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

Or, at least not very much. ;-) 


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  2. Damn, did I miss the photo shoot for your "Mister August" 2010 Calendar? :-)

  3. Miss it? I thought you directed & starred in it ;-)


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