Thursday, October 13, 2011

keep on ridin'

It's not that I can't do the trick. It's an easy one - I can definitely do it. It's just that I didn't. Today I took my first real mountain bike ride, and my first mountain bike tumble. I looked at the trick. I practiced the first part over and over. I looked at the second half, and I went for it. 

But something went wrong ... not enough momentum, a moment's hesitation, stepping off to the wrong side ... and I was over. Down on my knee. And then my side. And the bike bounced and the handlebar got me in the stomach. 

I swore. I thought about crying, but I'd really only fallen two feet at the most - I could hardly cry over that. And you know what they say - the best thing to do is get back on the bike. 

So I did.

I was shaky, when I wasn't having fun.  We rode up and down some hills; I practiced some of the regular ridey things that always need practice - loose knees, even feet, soft elbows - and I had fun.

The truth is that more than riding or surfing or whatever the activity is, I like pushing my limits. Finding where they are. Knowing that they move from day to day, and knowing the trajectory is now an uphill, expanding life - that I'm more open to trying things now than I have been in the past.

Sometimes I forget. Laying on the ground with the bike on top of me, wondering what parts hurt, if any,  I forget that the point is not in completing the trick but in going for it.

Next time I'll just have a little more momentum.

This is a couple weeks ago - an easier ride, and less to show for it :)

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